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Flooded Cars

Watch Out For Flood Cars – More And More Of Them Are Coming!

September 18, 2017

You have probably seen the news reports from the hurricane zones in Texas and Florida. Miles and miles of devastation and damage to millions of people, their lives interrupted and their possessions gone. It’s a tragedy of huge proportions.

As the long process of cleaning up and returning to normal begins, there are about one million vehicles in these areas that have been destroyed by the hurricanes and the floodwaters. You have seen them floating, with only their roofs visible.

Flooded Cars Are Bad News

These cars are all total losses and should be destroyed. Sitting under water causes damage to paint, interiors, electronics, wiring, and safety systems like airbags and anti-lock brakes. Then once the water goes down, the corrosion starts. Flood cars rot from the inside out.

You also have the health issues arising from what else was in the water that these vehicles were soaking in. There’s sewage, toxic chemicals, bacteria from dead animals, and all sorts of other nasty things like mold and mildew. Do you want to sit on the seats that were saturated with these unhealthy substances? Do you want to breathe the air that comes out of those ventilation systems? No way!

But They Are Coming Back!

Unfortunately, about half a million of these vehicles will probably make it back to the used car market. According to a recent report by Carfax, American drivers may already be behind the wheels of over 300,000 flooded vehicles right now! That’s a 20 percent increase from a year ago, and it will only get worse once the Harvey and Irma flood cars work their way into the system.

It’s Easy To Be Fooled

Unscrupulous resellers can spend a few hours cleaning up a flood car to make it presentable. They can hose off the mud, steam clean the engine, shampoo the upholstery and carpets, even put a coat of wax on the paint. They can also “launder” the titles of flood cars that have been classified as salvage, using states with loose controls. These tainted vehicles can come back on the market listed as perfectly normal used cars, and consumers are none the wiser.

But underneath the clean, shiny surface, the time bomb is ticking. At some point, there will be major reliability problems, possibly an exploding airbag or a brake failure. If you survive, the repair cost will be on you. This is not a good place to be!

Avoid Flood Car Hassles – Lease A New Car!

A new car lease eliminates all these problems! Not only do you get a fresh, clean, brand new car, but you also get a multi-year new car warranty. This protects you during the entire term of your lease. If there is a defect, you are covered! You can drive with confidence, there’s nothing to worry about!

And if you compare the low monthly payments of today’s new car leases, you will see that they are comparable to used car purchase prices. This is because used car prices have been rapidly increasing, making a new car lease deal an excellent value in today’s market.

Leasing Is The Smart, Safe Option!

Don’t risk getting stuck with an unsafe flood car! Check out all the great lease deals we have posted on this site. Find yourself in a new car lease – it’s smart, it’s safe, and it can save you both money and a whole lot of aggravation!