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Lease offers

A Look at Some of August’s Most Affordable Lease Offers

August 17, 2017

If you’re in the market for a new car and you’re looking to score an affordable lease, the time to act might be now. This August, a number of automakers are offering up some of their best lease deals yet on some of their most popular models. Below, we’re going to share some of the best of these lease offers!

When you take a look at them, do remember to keep a few things in mind about advertised lease deals. These deals assume sterling credit on the part of the lessee, and they only apply to specific trim levels for the vehicles in question.

Also, these lease deals can and do vary from region to region and may even vary depending on what dealership you visit. Finally, there are a number of expenses that are not included in these advertised offers. For example, the amount due at signing does not include additional fees that may apply, and the advertised payments do not include sales tax.

2017 Honda Accord

When it comes to midsize sedans, the Accord has always been a robust seller. With the all-new 2018 model hitting lots across the country, Honda is now eager to clear out some of its 2017 inventory. The 2017 iteration of the vehicle drew high marks from reviewers, all of whom were quick to highlight the Accord’s unexpectedly sporty performance and comfortable ride.

Honda is currently offering a promotional lease for the base Accord LX. Even though this is the base trim level, you still get a lot of features. For example, the LX comes outfitted with rearview camera, dual climate control and Bluetooth connectivity. The advertised lease offer is $2,699 due at signing with payments of $169.

2017 Kia Optima

One of the best deals out there right now is to be had on the 2017 Kia Optima, which provides exceptional bang for your buck. In fact even with the base LX, you get plenty of contemporary features that other automakers would usually leave out of their base models. For example, the Optima comes standard with remote lock control, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, a rearview camera and much more. In addition, reviewers also praise the Optima for its high-quality interior.

Kia is currently offering a promotional lease for the 2017 Optima LX. This offer is for $2,904 due at signing with ultra-low payments of $139. Do note that this is for a short-term, 24-month lease that covers 12,000 miles per year. Also, if approaching a dealer about this offer, there are three available packages for the LX, which will affect the terms of the lease if you select one of them.

2017 Nissan Altima

The Altima is one of the most popular models from Nissan, and it’s definitely among the better family sedans out there. From reviewers, the Altima draws praise both for its power and performance as well as for its fuel economy. However, the Altima still hasn’t received much of a technology upgrade recently, which may leave some auto buyers wanting more.

Right now, Nissan is offering a promotional lease for the Altima 2.5 S, which is one step above the base trim level. This trim adds features like NissanConnect, keyless entry and ignition, and cruise control. The promotional lease offer is $3,799 due at signing with payments of $189.

2017 Toyota Camry

Like the Honda Accord, the Camry is receiving a full upgrade for the 2018 model year. And like the Accord, Toyota is eager to clear out some of its 2017 stock. The Camry, of course, needs no introduction, as it’s long been a favorite vehicle with American auto buyers. It receives top-of-the-top marks for its reliability, and it is known for both its comfort and safety. In addition, it comes standard with desirable features like a sunroof, keyless entry, a rearview camera and a touchscreen interface.

Toyota is offering a promotional lease for the base Camry SE, which adds some additional features like a sport-tuned suspension and upgraded upholstery. The advertised lease offer is currently $1,999 due at signing with payments of $169.

Affordable Leases Abound in August

The four lease deals that we’ve explored above are some of the best we’ve seen advertised, but they’re not all that’s out there! Be sure to check back here for more great lease deals and also to do some research yourself. Also, should you choose to approach a dealer about any of the above deals, remember our earlier caveats regarding them. Still, be sure to bring these deals up with a dealership, as they often prove a great baseline for negotiating a lease that makes sense for your needs and budget.