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Car Warranty

Leasing Puts You Behind The Wheel Of A Vehicle That Protects You With A Warranty 24/7!

July 17, 2017

Think about that feeling you get when you drive a new car off the lot and into the world on your first adventure. It’s clean and shiny. It runs great. Everything works perfectly. Should there be any problems, the dealer will take care of it, at no charge to you. Your new car warranty is your assurance of smooth sailing and happy motoring for several years to come.

The great thing about leasing and your new car warranty is that you have the power of that warranty backing you up – during every single day you have that car! If something fails, or you get stuck somewhere, you are covered for whatever it takes to fix things and get you going again. It’s a wonderful feeling!

How can this be? Because most warranties last longer than the lease does. This way, you are done with the lease before you are done with the warranty. There is not a single moment that you are not protected.

What Happens When You Don’t Have A New Car Warranty?

When you drive a car that is no longer covered by its new car warranty, you are on your own. Anything that fails will have to be replaced by you, on your dime. Today’s cars can be very expensive to keep running after the warranty expires.

Here are some examples of the average cost of repairs on today’s vehicles:

  • Transmission: $3,500+
  • Engine Computer: $3,000+
  • Fuel Injection Pump: $2,500+
  • High-Intensity Headlight Unit: $2,000+
  • Turbocharger: $2,000+
  • Catalytic Converter: $1,500+
  • Air Conditioning Compressor: $500+
  • Power Seat Motor: $500+

This is why a comprehensive new car warranty that lasts the entire length and mileage of your lease is a valuable benefit to have!

There Are Some Things You Are Responsible For

While a new car warranty covers most things, it will not cover every cost of car ownership. The need for servicing is a consequence of your use of the car, so it is an item not covered by the warranty. A few new car warranties include scheduled maintenance as a courtesy, but most do not. If not, you will be required to pay for those service visits during the lease term.

The cost of service and maintenance during your lease term is typically pretty low. A few oil changes, tire rotations, and routine checks of all your car’s systems is about all that will be normally required. If you are concerned about these expenses, there are extended service warranties available to cover your service bills, at a very low cost.

Make sure that you service your car throughout the course of the lease – failure to do so can be grounds for denying a warranty claim if you do have a problem!

Another area not covered is excess wear and tear, so if you wear the tread off your tires before the end of the lease, you will need to replace them. If you incur body damage such as scratches longer than four inches long, dents that are larger than a quarter, and anything else outside of what’s considered normal wear and tear, that is not covered. You will have to repair the damage before turning the car in at the end of the lease. Ask your dealer to go over what is and isn’t covered to make sure you’re fully informed.

You want to return your leased car in the same condition as one you would consider buying as a pre-owned vehicle. You probably wouldn’t want to buy the one with bald tires, lots of big scratches, and dents all over, would you?

Full-Time Warranty: Another Leasing Advantage

You’ll never have to worry about warranty issues when you lease a new vehicle. You are fully covered for the term of your lease. Even better, you are driving a brand new car during its first few years on the road, when it is most likely to have no issues whatsoever. After all, this is why manufacturers feel confident enough to use a warranty to stand behind their vehicles during this period of ownership. You can drive with confidence, knowing that leasing was the right decision!