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Leasing Lets You Sample Many Dishes From The Automotive Buffet

Leasing Lets You Sample Many Dishes From The Automotive Buffet!

October 5, 2017

There are so many financial benefits to leasing a new vehicle, and we cover them all on this site. But there is one important non-financial advantage that you get from leasing, one that most people rarely think of.

This awesome leasing benefit is your ability to get a different type of vehicle every few years, when your current lease expires. This is a unique experience with great advantages for many kinds of personalities, from the practical to the impulsive. You can lease the vehicle you need, and you can also lease the vehicle you want.

The Automotive Buffet Is A Very Large Feast

There is so much variety in the automotive world, and so many different types of vehicles. You can choose from:

  • Sports Cars
  • Pickup Trucks
  • Luxury Sedans
  • Small, Medium, and Large SUVs
  • Muscle Cars
  • Subcompact Economy Cars
  • Convertibles
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Hot Performance Hatchbacks
  • Station Wagons
  • Hybrids
  • Electric Cars
  • Plus Many More!

Beyond that, there are so many brands from all over the world, each with its own unique take on what a vehicle should be. Wouldn’t it be great to have the right vehicle for your needs as your life changes? Here are two different scenarios that illustrate how well this can work:

Stan Says, “It Perfectly Fits My Plan To Switch Every Few Years!”

Let’s start with the practical, down-to-earth Stan. He has his life planned out in detail, so he is fully prepared to switch vehicles as he transitions to each new phase of his life.

For his college years in a city, he needs something inexpensive and easy to park. A leased subcompact Hyundai Accent hatchback is cheap to lease, run, and insure – and it easily fits into tiny parking spots.

Stan’s first job is located in the suburbs of the Southeastern US, and he has a highway commute. A mid-size Honda Accord sedan with a quiet interior suits him perfectly for the next few years.

His second job is located in the Pacific Northwest, near mountains, rivers, camping, and hiking trails. Stan now owns a big dog, too. A compact Toyota RAV4 SUV with all-wheel drive will get him and his gear to the trailhead all year ‘round, and has plenty of space in the back for Rover.

Two years later, Stan meets Abby and they get married. A year after that, little Rachel and Bobby arrive. They had not planned on twins! Now they have to carry two of everything, plus Rover. It’s time to lease a Chrysler Pacifica minivan for Abby!

Right around this time, Stan is promoted to management. He needs a vehicle befitting his new rank, so he leases a Mercedes-Benz C300 luxury sedan. Life is good!

Paula Says, “There’s No Way To Know What I’ll Need In Few Years!”

Even if you are somewhat impulsive and have no idea what the future holds, the ability to switch vehicles every few years can still work out well for you. Paula is one of these people. She is a free spirit, and finds opportunities as they happen. Let’s look at some of her vehicle choices:

After high school, Paula attends an art school in a small Northeastern city. Her courses include painting, sculpture, and metalworking. A leased Subaru Outback with all-wheel drive gets her through the snowy winters and hauls her art projects to and from the studio. Paula is also an accomplished outdoors woman, so the Outback is a good choice for her rock climbing trips in the Appalachians and the Berkshires.

Once she graduates with an undergraduate art degree, Paula finds that there is no clear career path for her. She decides to lean on her outdoors qualifications, and gets a job as an expedition guide in the wilds of Utah. She will need a vehicle that can go anywhere on very rough off-road trails, even when they are barely passable. The Outback’s lease is up, so she turns it in and gets herself a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. She is now ready for anything!

Paula does well as a guide. She gets to lead expeditions to many different areas of the Southwest, and gets very interested in the geology of the region, especially the fossils. She starts to collect the small fossils that she sees among the rocks during her expeditions. She soon accumulates a very nice fossil collection. The artist in Paula gets an idea – she could make jewelry out of these!

Paula makes a few samples and puts them in a local gift shop, on consignment. She prices them high to see what happens. To her amazement, they sell out quickly and the shop asks for more. Paula realizes that she has a business here! She decides to join the craft show circuit. The Wrangler’s lease is up, and Paula now leases a Honda Odyssey minivan.

The Odyssey is perfect for Paula’s new life, driving to a different craft show each weekend. The minivan can hold her jewelry-making equipment and her display cases, and she can even sleep in it when she has to! It’s a great highway cruiser, too.

After a few years of successful selling at craft shows, Paula meets a buyer from a national jewelry chain at one of her shows. He loves her fossil jewelry and wants to put mass-produced versions into his 1,200 stores. Paula will oversee the design and production, and will also receive royalties on each one sold. Jackpot!

Paula quits the craft show circuit, moves to a beach community in southern California, and turns in her minivan for a new lease on a BMW Convertible. Life is good!

Leasing Gives You The Flexibility To Have The Right Vehicle For Your Needs

Whether you make things happen or react to what happens, the benefits of leasing a different vehicle every few years can make a big difference in your life. There are so many advantages to having this kind of flexibility – you could very likely benefit too!