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Auto Leasing Broker: Do They Really Get You The Best Deal?

Auto Leasing Brokers: Do They Really Get You The Best Deal?

May 15, 2018

Most consumers who lease a vehicle go through a car dealer who sells that brand. But there is another option, one that many car buyers believe is better than going directly to a dealer. This option is an auto leasing broker, and getting a lease deal from a leasing broker can seem appealing for a variety of reasons.

How Buying From A Leasing Broker Works

Leasing brokers usually have preexisting business relationships with one or more dealers. When you contact a leasing broker, he or she will get all the relevant information from you on the vehicle you want to lease. The broker, acting as your agent, will then work with those dealer contacts to put together a deal for you, on the vehicle of your choice. You pay a fee to the broker for these services.

If you are satisfied with the leasing broker’s deal, you sign the paperwork and pay the amount due at signing, then you drive away in your new leased vehicle. Some brokers will even deliver the vehicle to your home.

Why Use A Leasing Broker If It Costs Extra?

Many leasing customers use a leasing broker to save time and stay out of dealerships as much as possible. Many professionals who use brokers reason that their time is valuable. They would rather pay a broker, instead of doing all the legwork and negotiating themselves. The leasing broker is working for you, and ideally should represent your interests, getting you the best possible deal. But be aware that the broker’s fee is an extra expense.

Why Do Dealers Sell Cars Through Leasing Brokers?

Vehicle manufacturers want their dealers to sell as many cars as possible. In the pursuit of this goal, many manufacturers have what are called “stair-step” incentive plans. These plans give the dealers big bonuses on each vehicle sold, but only if they sell a very large quantity each month. This quantity is usually significantly higher than that dealer’s normal sales count.

So to reach that excessively high sales number and get those crucial bonuses, dealers have to make sales any way they can. Leasing brokers are one important way to get those extra sales. Dealers will give the leasing brokers very good deals, so that the dealers will qualify for those much-needed bonuses. Keep in mind that most dealers make little or nothing on a new car sale or lease, so the bonuses are a very important source of income for them.

Are There Any Downsides To Using A Leasing Broker?

There can be some negative issues that arise when you use a broker:

  • The broker is another middleman between you and your leased vehicle.
  • The broker is charging you a fee, which gets added into your deal.
  • Some brokers only have a single dealer contact, which can limit your choices.
  • You may need to use multiple brokers to get exactly what you want.
  • The broker may pressure you to work on his schedule, not yours.
  • The broker may contact you at all hours, trying to close the deal.
  • The broker may be unresponsive, with poor customer service.

There Is A Better Way:!

What if you could have all the benefits of a broker, but without any of the limitations?

  • No limits on vehicle brands you can shop
  • No additional fees to pay
  • No pressure to act on anyone’s schedule but yours
  • Dealers compete to give you great lease deals

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